Camas Prairie, Elmore County, Idaho

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Cat Creek Energy – A Problem, Not a Solution!

Created on April 26, 2018

Elmore County, Idaho official have created a problem for the residents and visitors to our beautiful part of the world. During the past two years, these officials initially denied all five conditional use permits that would possibly allow Cat Creek Energy, LLC to build a large-scale alternate energy project in close proximity to Highway 20, northeast of Mountain Home, Idaho.

Only when Cat Creek Energy lawyers offered up a new and highly unlikely source of domestic water to the county did the Elmore County Commissioners decide this large solar, wind and hydroelectric power project would be in their best interest. This decision was made after the county planning and zoning board unanimously determined the project wasn’t a good fit for the location and the resident.

Yet, here we are two years after P & Z denied those conditional use permits still trying to get a fair hearing over the project.

Some of the 10,000 pages of documentation CCE, LLC heaped upon county officials before a Nov. 17, 2016 community meeting. It was too much to digest and make the right decision about a large scale wind farm.

We need help to make sure a large scale wind farm consisting of 31 wind towers does not get build with 100 feet of one of the best scenic drives in Idaho.