Camas Prairie, Elmore County, Idaho

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Help Stop A Wind Farm On Camas Prairie, Idaho

Here is a 70-second video showing where Cat Creek Energy, LLC plans to build a wind farm on the western edge of Camas Prairie in southern Idaho in the coming months. We believe this wind farm will ruin the scenic value of the area, lead to a proliferation of more wind farms along the Highway 20 corridor and disrupt the migration patterns of the many elk that roam this portion of the state.

Please help us get word to the Elmore County Commissioners this wind farm is a bad idea.

Additionally, there is a reconsideration hearing on May 11, 2018, where the commissioner could reopen the discussion for the approval of Cat Creek Energy, LLC’s five conditional use permits (CUPs) for this project. We believe the permitting process was flawed and the approval process should be reopened. If you could attend this 1:30 pm meeting, it will make a big impression on the decision makers.

Commissioner Contact Information

Please share this video and post with your friends and neighbors if you oppose the construction of 31 oversized wind turbines on the road to Anderson Ranch Reservoir, Fairfield, Sun Valley and Craters of the Moon National Monument.